County Individual Round 3 (two games added)

Bedford club players competed in the second  round of the Bedfordshire Individual Championship, hosted by the Leighton Buzzard and others last week:-

  • Paul Habershon drew with Graham Borrowdale in an eventful game which may be viewed here
  • Steve Pike and Richard Freeman drew a Grand Prix (not much of an) Attack where I was on the ropes for much of it and Richard missed some tactical shots in time trouble
  • Gerry Nolan and Adrian Matthews drew a quieter affair (from what I could determine which may have been inaccurate)
  • Steve Ledger beat Marc Obi in something of a cautionary tale – it is important to remember that when you are Black, if only White makes his 35th move before your flag falls, you lose!  Had Marc made the time control and not watched his clock tick down for two minutes, whilst Steve would definitely have had the better of the ending, conversion to the full point may not have been trivial
  • Jan Laming beat Peter Rawcliffe – a very good result and a mature game which may be viewed here
  • Ben Pike lost against an Italian Game by Rob Whiteside – on the face of it, Ben appeared to have been hammered with White saccing on f7 etc. but later analysis showed that Black missed some interesting resources (such is chess/life!)

Full details may be found here.