Great start for Paul!

As last year, Paul has kindly sent his game from the first round of the British Over 65’s, currently taking place in Llandudno.

I’m ranked 17th out of 52 in the Over-65s and it was top half v bottom half as usual in Round 1. I managed to beat the guy I lost to in the first round last year.

As well as the Coxes (as referenced in previous post – Ed), Brian Valentine (lost to Ken Norman) and Paul Kendall (creditable draw v David Friedgood) are in the Over-65s with me. Graham Smith is in the Over-50s with John Nunn and Paul Littlewood. Adrian Elwin is arbiting.

Paul Habershon  30th July 2017

One Thought on “Great start for Paul!

  1. Spike on July 30, 2017 at 10:34 pm said:

    Well done Paul, just 6 more to go!

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