Habershon-Borrowdale / County Individual Rd 3

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  1. Always good to see my efforts pulled apart!

    At the time I thought white’s attempt to develop with 10 e4 could be answered by b5 followed by b4, winning the e-pawn, but as I haven’t got a board in front of me I can’t be sure.

    I have to admit I thought that avoiding the queen exchange on move 16 gave black more chances than it actually did. I spent far too long looking for an elusive winning continuation, and blundered as a result.

    Oh, and I would definitely have taken the smothered mate had Paul allowed it – that’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, all too often consigned to the notes!

    Nice website, by the way.

  2. Disdaining Philidor’s Legacy (note to 22 Qxe7?) has a certain classiness, as well…

    1. Yes, Neil, the trouble with the flashy Philidor thingy is that after 25 Kg1 it is an inferior mate in three, as opposed to the mate in two of the note.

  3. Always amusing when both players miss the same move more than once! Good save by White after a tough start though.

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