Junior success

Some junior chess news from the weekend.

Toby and Lucian both attended the “Gigafinal” of the UK Schools Chess Challenge in Manchester, one of four Gigafinals being held, having previously qualified from the more local “Megafinal”.

Lucian scored 4/6 in the Under 11 section. His tournament was noteworthy for playing against prodigy Yichen Han (candidate master, and a grade of 207!); Lucian managed to enter the end-game a pawn up, but was unable to sustain it and eventually lost.

Toby won the Under 14 section with a score of 5/6. He now goes on to compete with the winners from the other 3 Gigafinals in the Terafinal (the national final) in September.

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  1. I am so pleased for you Toby that you have won the “Gigafinal” of the UK Schools Chess Challenge. I am sure you must be very proud to hold the beautiful trophy. Good luck for the next

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