MK B 2-3 Bedford B (game added)

Home Team: Milton Keynes B Away Team: Bedford B
Board Name Grade Score Score Name Grade
1 Richard CP Freeman 177 0.5 0.5 Marc ON Obi 166
2 Francesca Matta 172 0 1 Alex Taylor 163
3 Phillip Ekhaesomi 165 0 1 Richard T Bodily 168
4 Robert Whiteside 164 0.5 0.5 Steve Pike 161
5 Ray Holland 158 1 0 Chris Hill 145
2 3
Played: 09/11/17

Bedford B headed to Milton Keynes B for their first away match of the season.
Recently matches between the two teams have been tight affairs and this proved
to be no different.

If you were a betting man, you would put your money on Richard’s game against
the quick-playing Philip Ekhaesomi being the first to finish. It was a tight
game with Philip’s control of the a1-h8 diagonal balanced by Richard’s control
of the e-file. After about 30 moves Richard had about 15 minutes on the clock
to 55 of his opponent. However, this counted for nothing as an incautious
queen move allowed Richard to move his bishop into the heart of his opponent’s
position, forcing off a key defending knight and winning decisive material or

On Board 4 Steve’s game was the usual dull affair you expect from him! Things
looked pretty complicated and although Steve won a pawn with a clever tactic
and opened up his opponent’s kingside,he had to defend carefully against
white’s active pieces. Steve held on to his extra pawn, but it was doubled on
the h-file and a draw was agreed.

Chris looked to have the better of the Queen’s Gambit opening on Board 5
against Ray Holland. His pieces were more active but the isolated queen’s pawn
which is typical of the opening was always a problem. In the middle game Ray
was able to win two decisive pawns and won the queen and pawn ending.

The Board 1 game between Marc and Richard Freeman was an intriguing affair.
Out of the opening Marc had a space advantage, but there were no clear
weaknesses in Black’s position. Richard then managed to activate his queen
which led to him winning a clear pawn and he was able to simplify into a bishop
v knight ending with this advantage. To the untrained eye (ie mine!) the
position looked very difficult to hold at best, but some skilful defence meant
that Marc escaped with a draw (see game below).

My game on Board 2 against Francesca Matta was a topsy-turvy affair. I came
out of the opening having levelled and had built up some pressure against the
white position. However, a couple of occasions I put pieces on the wrong
squares and the position turned, and I was defending for dear life. Around the
time control Francesca tried to be a little to attacking and I was able to win
a pawn. It then came down to a rook and pawn ending, which I actually won for
a change! (a proper captain’s performance imvho – Ed)

Overall a 3-2 victory, but a very hard-fought one.

Alex Taylor, 12th November 2017