MKA too good for Bedford A

Home Team: Bedford A Away Team: Milton Keynes A
Board Name Grade Score Score Name Grade
1 Steven C Ledger 186 0 1 Gary Kenworthy 192
2 Paul F Habershon 180 0 1 Graham Smith 182
3 Richard T Bodily 178 0 1 Adrian G Elwin 179
4 Andrew J Chapman 169 0.5 0.5 Graham E Borrowdale 177
5 Qais Karimi 159 1 0 Peter Edwards 160e
1.5 3.5
Played: 06/12/18

No excuses, on the top three boards Bedford were comprehensively outplayed.

Steve and I both reached inferior Q and B versus powerful Q and N positions and duly succumbed.

Richard lasted longer but reached a rook and pawn ending one pawn down and Adrian proved that not all rook endings are drawn.

The last time I saw Board 4 it had a double-edged middlegame position but I didn’t see how it ended.

Qais arrived nearly half an hour late, but clocks do not faze him and he was the first to finish after a dominating position led to material gain.

Unfortunately one win wasn’t going to save the day. Milton Keynes A maintained their 100% score, including a win v Leighton Buzzard, so a lot depends on the return matches.

Paul Habershon, 8th December 2018