More news from the sticks

We haven’t heard from Neil for a while but, following his recent visit, he pens the following …

I was rooting around in back numbers of CHESS and the BCM the other day and turned up a couple of snippets from CHESS in 1948.

Firstly , for those who regret Kents Luton’s recent travails:

“Luton, with a population not exceeding 100,000, has ten teams (minimum eight players each) competing in the Luton Chess League, which has been strengthened by the addition of teams representing AC-Sphinx and Kent’s Social Clubs. T W Sweby, champion of the Luton Club, who is known to possess a kind of hunting horn, gave a simultaneous display at Kent’s social Club, winning against all ten challengers”

[AC Sphinx Spark Plug Co. changed its name to A C Delco Division of General Motors Ltd in 1952, part of Vauxhall. And yes, the last time I played in the cupboard at Kent’s you couldn’t have fitted ten players in there]

And, speaking of Mr Sweby, whose long-running column in the Bedfordshire Times was probably second only to that of Barden in the Guardian, here he is in action in a correspondence game for Bedfordshire. Yes, a correspondence game…