NCL thrills and spills

Steve Ledger recounts …

As far as I can recollect this was my first ever rated game against someone from Mexico  (though studying at Cambridge Uni, graded 202 )

Haven’t analysed it much with a metal monster but ……

The board next to me had a somewhat amusing finish.

The game itself isn’t that exciting but white has probed away in a rook ending for a while and finally gets himself good winning chances around move 73  (+2.5) then, apparently, errs to equal on move 74, so the challenge is then for a 203 graded player to now somehow contrive to lose this position.

I am told the look on the guys face after 80 Ra5  was something to behold as it slowly dawns on him that not only have the winning chances evaporated but he is now dead lost as the B king will eat first the e pawn then head over to the h pawn then win !