New look for website

The website has been a given a slightly different look, with a new mobile friendly (?) theme and some excellent pictures from Joe.  There are a few wrinkles to iron out – the crosstables on the competition page require tweaking – but please let me know about anything else that is wrong or you don’t like or you think  should be added etc.



2 Replies to “New look for website”

  1. The point of the new theme is specifically not to have two versions but one version that adapts to the platform. However, I agree with your points and will look into them further….

  2. I like the look of the new website, but the PC version wastes a lot of space to the left, so that any tables are squashed up on the right, leaving masses of blank space that could be better used. It also means that the tables are forced to use two lines for names etc. rather than one. On a phone it works well, but on a PC it isn’t nearly as effective. Is there any way that there can be a PC and phone version, to avoid that sort of issue, so you can differentiate between Android/iOS and Windows input?

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