You can’t win anything with kids!?

… and just as Alan Hansen was wrong about Man United in 1995, so he would have been wrong about Bedford D in 2022.

In the second division 2 derby of the season, Bedford D upset the form books by beating Bedford C.

 Bedford D   Bedford C 
1Steve C Pike184010Robert S Walker1758
2Evan Lewis174610Richard McMorran1653
3Theo Jenkins157601Callum T Shields1660
4Lucian Cox153710Giuseppe Valerio1728
5Ramsey Dairi1500e01Peter S Gill1728
Played: 17/03/22      

Against a rather wild French Defence, Robert kindly over-pressed and I was able to trap his queen or win a piece. For once, I played the subsequent ending efficiently.

I’m afraid my recollections of the other games are a little sketchy as I was actually concentrating on my own game for a change. Please comment below to correct my speculations.

Theo’s game looked fairly wild from the outset but, despite an appreciative audience, Callum played calmly to secure the point.

Ethan resumed his rivalry with Richard. From where I sat, f7 seemed to be the key square, multiply attacked and defended. Richard appeared to have equalised and then suddenly he hadn’t and Ethan converted a nice victory.

Ramsey’s normal assuredness seemed to desert him against a well-prepared C team captain. Peter amassed material and won without error.

Lucian appeared to be struggling against Joe (and his squeaky shoes) but in a Q+2P v Q+P endgame, Lucian showed maturity to take the game and, his side, the match.