Games played by club members in the 2013-14 season

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The battle for the title! – a tense, cagey affair worthy of the occasion – Mike annotates.



Gerry is a bit hard on himself here but, as he says, it is a good example of turning a winning position into a loss, through one careless move – Saj certainly makes the most of his chances though!



Our youngest player, Callum Shields, scored an excellent 6.5/8 for the D team this season. With modest reluctance, he has agreed to share three of his games with us. I think they stand up on their own, without annotation, demonstrating a solid, mature style that can burst into sharp tactics with devastating effect. I like to think I must have taught him something when he was a member of the junior club all those years ago, but I suspect that is unlikely!?

In this first game, Callum wins a pawn, hangs onto it and finishes prettily.


In this game a solid position springs into life and White is beaten before he realises what’s happening ….


Here Callum’s much stronger opponent overreaches and is punished.




An interesting game spoiled (for the neutral at any rate!) by the mistake at the end.


If there are any lessons to be learnt from this game they will be of the “don’t do it like this” sort.


This game decided second place in the last round of the County Individual Championship.  Raj’s comment: “… I did really enjoy my crushing victory.” sums it up nicely!


As Neil observes, there are swindles … and there are things like the finish of this game.


Sometimes opponent cooperation provokes pretty play!


Gerry’s “lucky escape” (his words!)


Chris annotates one of his “boring draws”!

After Neil kindly(?) annotated his nice win over Nick Collacott a few of weeks ago (below), Nick annotates a game to revive his spirits:-




An insipid opening and forty moves of stodge doesn’t always lead to a boring draw… (notes by Neil)

This is an interesting example of how Black can get horribly tied up when playing what initially appear to be logical moves – annotation by Gerry.

Maybe Paul’s reputation earned him a (very important) draw here!?


Certainly both sides make dubious choices at times during this game but I still think Captain William Evans would have approved….


They say that the winner of a game of chess is the player who makes the last mistake but one! – Neil annotates.


Some games have surprises all the way though and even when you think you’ve lost, sometimes you haven’t (unless of course you resign!)


Black has done the hard work to get here in round 1 of the Beds Individual played on 9th January 2014 – how does he finish it off neatly? (click the buttons under the board to see the final moves)


In this game, White’s queen strays from the action with disasterous consequences!

Comment from Spike, submitted on 2014/07/04 at 12:41 pm –  Black got a bit lucky here!


One suspects that Black’s last fifteen moves were not anticipated by White in this rather fun NCL encounter!


Black certainly did more than enough here to record a win.

This game goes to show that sometimes the slightly less accurate moves, give rise to the most dramatic games!


Here Black dithers on the Queen side and White is uncompromising.


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