Bedford A let the chess do the talking

Match Result:

BoardHomeLeighton Buzzard BBedford AAway
1 (B)1959Valentine, Brian J0 – 1Ledger, Stephen C2097
2 (W)1831Taylor, Peter0 – 1Arulnandhy, Ravi2085
3 (B)1833Matthews, Adrian MS0 – 1Gardner, James2088
4 (W)1746Dorn, C Fred H0 – 1Habershon, Paul F1978
5 (B)1522Readman, Tony0 – 1Collacott, Nick1971
Total88910 – 5Total10219

My own game (see below) required a fair level of concentration so I didn’t see much of the other games but from chatting in the car on the way back it seems this was a fairly comfortable victory in a match where we had a large rating advantage on every board.

Steve Ledger, 11th January 2024

No fireworks on the board, like the C Team efforts, I’m afraid: