MKA too good for Bedford A

Home Team: Bedford A Away Team: Milton Keynes A
Board Name Grade Score Score Name Grade
1 Steven C Ledger 186 0 1 Gary Kenworthy 192
2 Paul F Habershon 180 0 1 Graham Smith 182
3 Richard T Bodily 178 0 1 Adrian G Elwin 179
4 Andrew J Chapman 169 0.5 0.5 Graham E Borrowdale 177
5 Qais Karimi 159 1 0 Peter Edwards 160e
1.5 3.5
Played: 06/12/18

No excuses, on the top three boards Bedford were comprehensively outplayed.

Steve and I both reached inferior Q and B versus powerful Q and N positions and duly succumbed.

Richard lasted longer but reached a rook and pawn ending one pawn down and Adrian proved that not all rook endings are drawn.

The last time I saw Board 4 it had a double-edged middlegame position but I didn’t see how it ended.

Qais arrived nearly half an hour late, but clocks do not faze him and he was the first to finish after a dominating position led to material gain.

Unfortunately one win wasn’t going to save the day. Milton Keynes A maintained their 100% score, including a win v Leighton Buzzard, so a lot depends on the return matches.

Paul Habershon, 8th December 2018

Titanic struggle between the contenders

Home Team: Bedford A
Away Team: Leighton Buzzard A
Board Name Grade Score Score Name Grade
1 Mindaugas Beinoras 229 0.5 0.5 Evgeny Tukpetov 207
2 Steven C Ledger 186 1 0 Peter C Clarke 185
3 Paul F Habershon 180 0 1 Stephen Law 177
4 Richard T Bodily 178 0.5 0.5 Peter Hunt 175
5 Andrew J Chapman 169 0.5 0.5 Kevin J Williamson 167
2.5 2.5
Played: 22/11/18
After two steady draws on Boards 4 and 5 all the other games went beyond the first time control. I always had less time on Board 3 and the rapidplay finish was inevitably messy with queens rampaging on an open board. If I’ve remembered the moves correctly after move 48, I missed a forced mate. Then I blundered and we were 1-2 down. On Board 1 Mindaugas had a significant advantage for most of the game, but somehow Evgeny fought back to draw. This left Steve needing to win to draw the match. Although an exchange up he had to work hard against a bishop pair and threatening pawns. Again the moves were not all recorded but he eventually simplified down to a win as described in the game appended.